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Bright Blooms & Funky Vases

This week I will be taking you through a step by step process of how to create a vibrant arrangement that will brighten any room. The flowers I used you should be able to find at any local flower shop or market. You will need one bunch of bright pink spray roses, magenta stock, and dusty pick snapdragons. For a pop of greenery I selected israeli ruscus. If you aren't able to get Israeli ruscus you can sub with another statement green like Italian ruscus or myrtle.

I lucked out this week with some beautifully long stems. Because of this I was able to use a taller vase. I found this cutie on sale at Hobby Lobby for only $10! Love love love this vase. Highly recommend it if your looking for a fun tall vase option.

To ensure that my flowers wouldn't shift at all during transportation I used my large flower frog and a tape grid to build my foundation. If you have't done a tape grid before it's very simple. Just purchase some clear waterproof floral tape and make a checkered grid at the top of your vase. Make sure you're leaving enough of a gap in your grid system to allow all of your stems to be places throughout. For additional security you should tape around the entire rim on the outside of your vase to make sure your grid won't come loose.

Now that you have your grid you can start putting in your greens. I love using israeli ruscus in my arrangements. It has large leaves going up the stem and a beautifully consistent look. It's great for adding height and fills the vase nicely.

Next you'll want to take the bundle of whichever stems happen to be the longest and place them into your design. For me this was the snapdragons. I started by taking the fullest and longest stem and placing it off to one side of the vase to give me the height I needed for this arrangement. Then I started layering in the rest of my snaps to create an asymmetrical V shape.

Once all of my snaps were in place I started layering in my stock. This is another one of my go-to flowers because it smells wonderful, comes in a variety of colors, and is a beautiful option if you need to fill in gaps and strengthen the shape of your arrangement. I placed them into the design the same way I placed my snaps. I started with my longest stems to continue creating the asymmetrical V shape, and then used the other stems to fill in the lower sections of the arrangement to give it some depth.

The last bunch of flowers I used were my spray roses. With these I simply placed them wherever I felt the arrangement needed to be broken up or filled in. I left them for last because they were my smallest blooms with the shortest stems. They felt like more of an accent flower than a focal flower.

This is a super fun and easy design that looks great on an entry table or kitchen island. If you're looking to brighten up your space for spring or are planning a small family get together then give this arrangement a try! You won't be disappointed.

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