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Whimsical Blooms & Bud Vases

Things are warming up around here and I'm getting in the mood for all things spring! It's my favorite season to play with whimsical blooms and have them scattered all over the apartment. It's such a small thing but it brings life back into every room. The only issue is that since my husband and I made our move to Tulsa, Oklahoma back in October I had to purge a lot of things. My little bud vases included. So it's time to start fresh and hunt for some little cuties that will perfectly hold my whimsical spring blooms.

I actually start my process by making myself a flower mood board. I find this helpful for making the final decision on the style of bud vase I end up buying. It's also a great way to keep yourself focused on what you actually need verses getting distracted by all of the other pretty things you see. You will also pay closer attention to the scale of vase you browse for.

One issue I'm sure everyone has run into is finding cute vases but for a reasonable price. These days almost everyone is on a tighter budget so finding cute accessories without breaking the bank is quite the task.

During my hours of hunting online for the perfect (but affordable) bud vases I came across a company called CB2. They're an extension of Crate&Barrel and I was immediately obsessed. They have so many cute vases and planters!! Overall their prices are very reasonable and their designs are current, unique, and absolutely gorgeous.

I was looking for something relatively simple and sleek so the flowers would be the focus instead of what they were in. I also was looking for something outside of your typical bud vase design. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. It seems like all I could find were the little fluted glass bud vases or the mini bottles that have been around for years. Not that there isn't a time and a place for the traditional bud vase. They're perfect for weddings and events when there are tons of other things around to help jazz them up. I just new I needed something unique that would be worth buying.

I ended up finding these little cuties! Not only were they exactly what I was picturing in my head, but the price was way better than anything else I had found. They're around $4 each. Just about every other bud vase that I found online (that didn't have nearly as much personality) were around $6 to $7 each.

I highly recommend browsing CB2 even if it's just for inspiration. My tip for you today is to be picky. Don't just buy to buy. Think about what you need, what it needs to look like, and don't settle. It'll help make your space look intentional and curated.

Chloche Bud Vase (on left) & Joyce Bud Vase (on right)

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